At First Steps your children are our first priority. All the First Step Families are important to us and we are lucky to have wonderful families that believe in what we do.

I’ve worked in several Child Care Centers in Charlottesville and First Steps is BY FAR the best child care center!!! It’s a 5 Star childcare provider. If you want QUALITY CARE COME TO First Steps!!, & feel the love!! Thanks Mrs. Burton for providing a great place to bring those oh so precious babies and a great place to work!!

Inez Weaver

LOVE LOVE LOVE First Steps! Seriously – you want your kids to be safe, loved, nurtured? Educated and trained in a calm, consistent loving environment? Then this is the place for you. I trust Mama Burt and her staff implicitly. In the 7 years that I have had kids attending First Steps, I have seen teachers come and go… and come back again. Mama Burt has the absolute best staff ever, and unlike many day care facilities, these people stay! Many of the staff have been there if not since it opened, not long after. And, they are not just there for the paycheck – they are there for the kids – both lovingly and academically (if you can use that word regarding infants and toddlers). I am sad that I will soon not have any kids there any more – may be time for a 3rd!

Larissa Paule-Carres

I would recommend FS to anyone. Both my children were First Steppers. My oldest and my second were at FS and thrived.  They are now older and First Steps prepared them teaching them key foundations while still providing a highly nurturing environment.  As a working mom, I never had to worry about my kids because I knew they were loved and taken care of at First Steps.  Thank you for all you have done for my family.

Jenny Kim Heyns